GrainSense People: BD Manager Jelena Gajic

GrainSense People: BD Manager Jelena Gajic

This time in our GrainSense People series we are introducing Jelena Gajic, an essential part of our team from Serbia. Jelena is involved in many aspects of the GrainSense teamwork, mostly sales and marketing, but do read on what other tasks she has been involved in at GrainSense.

Tell us shortly about yourself and your role at GrainSense?

I have joined GrainSense approximately 3 years ago through an internship programme supported by EIT Food. The process implied matching candidates with suitable companies, so basically GrainSense selected me, and I am sure that was not a coincidence. Today, here I am working full time as a Business Development Manager.

What is your typical workday like?

It very much depends on the time of the year. One day, during harvest season, I might be part of certain event, supporting our Distributors with promotion, the other I might be at my home office focusing on market research and reporting. During winter, I am also covering marketing activities of the company. Anyway, I would say there is no typical day, and that is one of the reasons I am satisfied at work.

What are your best memories related to your work life with GrainSense?

A positive thing I’d like to emphasize is how we managed to hit growth during challenging periods, especially during covid crisis. Our global partner network was expanded, although most of the activities were switched to an online approach.

What is the best of being part of the GrainSense team?

The best thing is, since we are a relatively small team, the feeling that you are covered. No matter how difficult the situation might seem to be, we always come out with a solution and manage to be there for each other during uncertain moments.

Reveal a peculiarity about yourself or your work?

Although my main activities are related to sales & marketing, at one moment I was supposed to be involved in design tasks. I wouldn’t call myself a pro, but I have to admit I like it and certainly considering to add it to my Resume set of skills 🙂

Would you like to tell us about your hobbies on your free time? Do you have some activities that you do to balance out the work life?

Honestly speaking, I am not really a person consistent with hobbies, I always find something new, but don’t stick to it for a long time. The latest update is that I am trying with recreational running, fingers crossed to keep on!

What I really enjoy is cooking, and one of my favorite dishes to prepare are pancakes I have tried in Finland. Thanks to video tutorials I am slowly becoming an expert in preparing this simple, yet tasty treat.