GrainSense People: SoftWare Developer Jaakko Kenttä

SoftWare Mobile Developer Jaakko Kenttä

Next up in our GrainSense People article series we are introducing Software Developer Jaakko Kenttä, who is an all-round software developer taking part to several of our development projects.

Tell us shortly about yourself and your role at GrainSense? 

Previously I worked as a math teacher for 6 years, but I’ve switched my career altogether. I liked being a teacher, but as I still had 40 years of work life still ahead, I thought I’d try the coding work, since I’ve had it as a hobby already for a long time. It was a good decision although I hesitated a bit at first. At GrainSense I started as a Mobile Developer with Android and iOS development in 2020, but over time I’ve worked in almost every SW project the GrainSense team is currently doing.

What is your typical workday like? 

My days contain a lot of software architecture planning as well as communicating with people within our team and outside of it. About ¾ of my time is spend on writing code and testing.

What are your best memories related to your work life with GrainSense? 

I think it’s best when you manage to dissect a problem to small resolvable pieces and finally reach the conclusion. It’s like magic.

What is best at being part of team GrainSense? 

Here at GrainSense we have a great atmosphere and it’s always nice to come to the workplace. I also enjoy the scientific part of our solution and that the team includes so many different occupations and specialties.

Reveal a peculiarity about yourself or your work?

My teammates point out when I always mess up the floors with different grains. Canola is the worst!

Would you like to tell us about your hobbies on your free time?

I also do small-scale programming in my spare time, but I often choose technologies I don’t use in my work. At the moment I spend time at home with a 3D printer and different IOT projects. I also like to play boardgames and do different kinds of sports.