Cereal Docks endorses GrainSense

Cereal Docks endorses GrainSense

Cereal Docks is an Italian industrial group, active in the first agricultural processing, for the production of ingredients derived from grains and oilseeds (meal, oil, lecithin) and intended for applications in the feed, food, pharma, cosmetic and technical industries. 

Our mission is to be the joining link between agriculture and industry close to the final consumer. We work with farmers to create environmentally, socially and economically sustainable supply chain. We contribute to ensure genuine, authentic, and safety products with guaranteed quality.

Cereal Docks and GrainSense started to work together in the summer 2018. In the past we collected grain samples from local farmers, sent them for analysis to an external laboratory and waited for the results for days. 

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With GrainSense we get the results immediately and grains can be sorted right away. GrainSense speeds our work guaranteeing efficiency: we can measure the quality of the grains at any time and location, ensuring an agile production chain from farmers to our clients.