GrainSense People: COO Antti Leinonen

GrainSense People: COO Antti Leinonen

This time the GrainSense People series introduces our Chief Operating Officer Antti Leinonen. He’s a real multitalent, working with all the different departments and tasks here at Grainsense, but at the same time a relaxed guy who values time with the family and enjoys playing chess at his freetime. 

Tell shortly about yourself and your role at GrainSense? 

I started at GrainSense in January 2017 when Ykä (one of the co-founders) contacted me and asked if I were interested to join GrainSense. I work as a COO and I’m also a member of the Executive Management Team. 

What is your typical workday like? 

My responsibility is to lead GrainSense’s operations function that includes R&D, production and laboratory. I have also important role to build-up and work in GrainSense’s partner network concerning e.g. supply chain management, R&D services and certain customer companies.  

What are your best memories related to your work life with GrainSense?  

Past 5 years have been a huge learning experience to me. My best memories are related to everyday work with the amazing people at GrainSense. Achieving end-results together is always great but the journey there is the most enjoyable part of the work. 

What is best at being part of team GrainSense? 

Definitely GrainSense’s empowering atmosphere. Optimally, work is fun and balances your other hours of the day. This is true at GrainSense. Happy at work, happy at home, and vice versa. 

Reveal a peculiarity about yourself or your work?  

I’m a pretty coordinated guy even though my table doesn’t always look like that. As a colleague, I try to invoke positive thinking and encourage people to use their strengths. 

Would you like to tell us about your hobbies on your free time?  

I like to spend time with my family. Couple of years ago I started to play chess and I’ve managed to increase my player rating > 600 points (my absolute rating not to be revealed here though 😊).