Rydsgård Optimises Its Harvest with GrainSense

Rydsgård Optimises Its Harvest with GrainSense

GrainSense is the world’s first hand-held measuring instrument for measuring grain quality, whose purpose is to make farmers’ lives easier. The product was launched last year, and demand among farmers in the Nordic and Baltic countries has soared ever since. One of the largest agricultural companies in Scania, Ruuthsbo, has been using and evaluating GrainSense over the past months and has so far been very satisfied with its new investment.

“We use GrainSense for analysing grains arriving at our facility, but we also make measurements out in the field before harvesting. This is valuable, as it gives us an opportunity to prioritise best-quality fields”, says Peter Pålsson, who is in charge of grain handling at Rydsgård. What the people at Rydsgård appreciate is that GrainSense is portable, user-friendly and gives immediate results, which makes quick decision-making possible.

Another person who has been using GrainSense is Daniel Juhl, foreman at Pugerup & Böketofta, which is part of the same company as Rydsgård. Juhl has been using GrainSense since last spring, mainly for checking the protein content of its in-house produced pig feed. With GrainSense, he can carefully control the proportion of soya in the feed, thereby optimising the mix.

“I can economise on soya purchases and can simultaneously check if any grain that I buy has the right protein value so I know what I am paying for,” says Juhl. To verify the reliability of GrainSense, he has sent the same samples for laboratory analyses and has then compared the results.

“GrainSense is completely reliable. We get even more control, because the results come quickly; they do not take more than 5 seconds”, he continues. Juhl also sees a major advantage in the possibility to compare last year’s to this year’s grain harvest.

“We felt that we wouldn’t have such a good harvest this season and therefore opted to store last year’s grain. GrainSense makes it possible for us to quickly and easily check the quality of the new and the old harvest and then decide what should be sold and what should be used as feed”, he concludes.


The Estate has a drying capacity of 20,000 tonnes divided into nine silos, half of which are used for own grain and the other half for contract drying. Crop cultivation at Rydsgård Estate consists mainly of grains, with a focus on wheat (approx. 60% of the area). Other crops include spring wheat, rape seed, sugar beets, barley and forage grass (Festulolium). The farm in Pugerup has a staff of 16, employed in agriculture, forestry, wind power and pig farming.


GrainSense has developed the world’s first hand-held device for measuring grain quality. For the first time farmers, seed producers and plant growers will be able to quickly and immediately measure key parameters of their crops out in the field and take decisions that can raise profitability. We bring an important improvement to the food supply chain. Our hand-held device measures the protein, humidity, oil and carbohydrate content of cereal products and other crops. The service uses GPS positioning and offers Cloud-based big data services.

Original article published in 11. October 2018 (Swedish).