Back at the office – Meet all of us GrainSensians

The past couple of years have definitely been something else. Many of us have been working from home offices, and maybe you’ve had to share your working space with a lazy furry co-worker that kept interrupting your work. 


Now that we are slowly able to return back to normal, it feels good. We’ll be able to spend more time in our comfy GrainSense premises and meet our dear colleagues face to face, take a relaxing coffee break and listen what is going on with their lives. They also give you your peace to work and are (hopefully) not positioning themselves front of your computer 😉 

At the moment, there’s 18 of us “GrainSensians”. Most of us work in our Oulu office, including the lab team, production, SW-team and R&D. We’ll delve more into these teams and their work later this year in the upcoming article series introducing our personnel in more detail. 

Have a nice week – let’s keep the wheels spinning and enjoy working with our co-workers, the furry ones at home, or those not so furry ones at the office!