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In grain farming, timing is everything. In order to know when to harvest, store, select for feed or sell – and at what price – you have to know the quality of your crops at that specific moment.

In 2014, the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland ran a project to transform traditional, bulky Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy lab equipment into a convenient handheld format. The project’s key innovation was the use of an integrating sphere combined with absorbance spectroscopy, as well as the development of a low-noise and low-power consumption NIR photo detector for ambient temperatures.

Scandinavian agriculture influencers understood that the technology could answer the urgent need for a solution to help grain sector businesses track grain quality. At the end of 2014, as a spin-off of VTT, GrainSense was born.

Now, employees of grain growers, livestock farmers, silo/dryer operators, traders and the food industry can obtain accurate data from GrainSense to ensure that every crop is fit for the right purpose, at the right price, using the right resources.  


Investors in GrainSense include, VTT Ventures, Berner (our distribution partner in Sweden and Finland) and various Nordic private investors with agricultural backgrounds. We have four significant global patents protecting our underlying measurement and calibration intellectual property.

GrainSense has built a partner/distributor network across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Australia. There are over 2100 GrainSense Analyzers in use in over 40 countries around the world – helping farmers and traders make smart decisions.

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