GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer
– The compact and affordable
powerhouse of grain analysis

GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer

  • Accurate and reliable results.
  • Measure protein, moisture, oil, and carbohydrates from stable grain kernel samples.
  • Supported species: Wheat, barley, oats, rye, soybean, and maize.
  • Sample size flexible, min. 500 ml.
  • Measurement results within a few seconds. Pour and get instant results as you go.
  • The measurement results include the average as well as minimum and maximum values for each parameter.
  • Unbeatable sales price. Unique presales campaign: 7 500 € *)
  • Easy to use and maintain. No moving parts that would be prone to break down.
  • The Analyzer is used connected to a PC with USB, with a measurement software that requires an active GrainSense license *).

The GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer, the new addition to the product family of GrainSense Analyzers, is based on the patented and globally proven GrainSense measurement technology used in GrainSense’s Handheld and Flow Analyzers. This Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology uses a 360° light penetration method (integrating sphere) enabling to measure exceptionally reliable results with flexible sample sizes in a short about of time.

This new solution has already received enormously positive feedback in advance presentations. It truly is something the market has been waiting for!

* The campaign price is only valid during the presales campaign period until September 30th, 2023, with binding purchase orders. GrainSense reserves the right to cancel these purchase orders in case a required number of orders have not been reached during the campaign time. List price 8 900 € (VAT 0%). Using the device requires an active GrainSense license that costs 400 €/year. PC not included in the delivery. Product deliveries estimated Q4/2023.

Place a preorder of this new GrainSense Benchtop Analyzer for the unique campaign price of 7 500 € (VAT 0%).
Limited amount of campaign products available. The purchase orders and delivery date will be confirmed in October 2023.

The purchase order is binding. The purchase order will be invoiced either by GrainSense Oy or your local authorized GrainSense distributor at the end of the campaign time, and the invoice must be paid in full before deliveries. Local VAT and delivery costs might be added to your final cost.