Benefits of tracking grain quality, instantly. Grain growers & livestock farmers.

Benefits of tracking grain quality, instantly. Grain growers & livestock farmers.

During the summer of 2017, GrainSense invited forerunners of the Scandinavian agriculture community to evaluate the GrainSense Analyzer prior to the official product launch. Their positive feedback helped lead to the successful launch of the GrainSense solution during AGRITECHNICA 2017, where the GrainSense Analyzer was eventually nominated for an Agritechnica Innovation Award 2017.



Kari Alasaari is a grain and oilseed farmer and a contractor using precision farming technology in nitrogen application from Lapua, Finland. “In my view Grainsense brings great opportunity to adjust nitrogen application to reach target protein levels with less input.” Kari stated when evaluating the GrainSense solution.

Better protein means a better price

“In the future, measuring kernels earlier will help the application to adjust nitrogen levels before harvest. This is important to me as a grain farmer but also to my contracting clients. Many of my clients also have poultry and pig productions. Reaching target protein means better price for grain farmers and less mixing components for meat and milk producers.” said Kari Alasaari from Lapua Finland.



Grain farmer Johan Karlzén from the Skåne region in Sweden is responsible for the operation of farms, encompassing 1.500 hectares and up to 10 employees. Testing GrainSense he stated “I see value in using GrainSense.”

Getting instant accurate insights

“On top of our own laboratory measurement equipment that we have used for years now, I see clear benefits in using GrainSense in our daily operations. Getting instantly a more accurate insight in our produce and outcome.”, said Johan Karlzén.



Pig farmer Guy Bosas from Lappträsk in Finland said, “Optimizing the right protein intake by my pigs is crucial. I do my own feed blends and with a GrainSense measurement device I may do daily, very much needed quality measurements to ensure the right mix.