Tracking grain quality in the food industry

Tracking grain quality in the food industry

GrainSense is not just a tool that is used on farms, rather the quick instant access to protein, moisture and oil data is also highly valued in the food industry. Each user can obtain their crop quality data in seconds, making the GrainSense Analyzer an effective addition to already existing quality control systems. In the north of Italy, there is one company that is using our portable NIR technology to do just that and in turn is strengthening their own sustainable production chains.

Cereal Docks, an Italian industrial group operating in the feeds and foods primary processing sector, produces ingredients including meals, oils and lecithin, derived from both oil seeds (soy, sunflower and rapeseed) and grains (corn, wheat and barley). These products are intended for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal feeds, technical and energy sectors.

Tracking quality is key to sustainable production chains.

The mission of Cereal Docks is to become the joining link between agriculture and industry. Cereal Docks works with farmers to create sustainable production chains, thanks to production chain agreements that guarantee tracking from the origin of the product, quality and safety of raw materials and the formation of a virtuous agriculture model, respecting the environment, the work of suppliers and all players along the chain.

Measuring grain quality instantly, anywhere increases production chain efficiency.

Cereal Docks and GrainSense started to work together in the summer 2018. In the past, Cereal Docks collected grain samples from local farmers, sent them for analysis to an external laboratory and waited for days to get their results. “With GrainSense we get the results immediately and grains can be sorted right away. GrainSense speeds our work guaranteeing efficiency: we can measure the quality of the grains at any time and location, ensuring an agile production chain from farmers to our clients.”

Cereal Docks is using the speed and efficiency of the GrainSense Analyzer to strengthen their mission of bridging the gap between agriculture and industry. The next time you use cosmetics, take medicine or eat a nice bowl of pasta, just remember that the root of some of their compounds may just have just been measured by a GrainSense Analyzer, which has helped strengthen sustainable production chains.