GrainSense at the Donau Soja general assembly & networking event

GrainSense at the Donau Soja general assembly & networking event

As a proud member of the Donau Soja Organization, GrainSense was happy to participate at the general assembly & networking event held in Vienna on 30th September 2021.

Donau Soja is a non-profit organisation organised as an association and is based in Vienna, with three local offices in Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova as well as a representative in Romania. 

The aim orf the organization is to grow more protein plants such as soya, peas, broad beans, lucerne, clover and sweet lupins on European arable land in addition to wheat, maize, rapeseed and potatoes.

Soya, peas and lupins are foodstuffs: they can also be used to manufacture high-quality animal feed for pigs and chickens, they also boost soil fertility and help to protect the climate.

By cultivating these legumes, as they are known, across a wider area, it will be possible to meet the huge European demand for protein-rich nutrition for both humans and animals whilst also helping to introduce greater variety into European agriculture and make it more sustainable.

Donau Soja want to reduce imports of soya from unsustainable production in overseas countries and promote use of sustainable soya.