GrainSense gives more power to the Farmers

GrainSense gives more power to the Farmers

GrainSense is the world’s first hand-held measuring instrument for measuring grain quality, whose purpose is to make farmers’ lives easier. GrainSense makes it easier to decide if you should store or sell as well as what price you should put on your grains. The product was launched last year, and demand among farmers in the Nordic and Baltic countries has soared ever since. One of the largest agricultural companies in Scania, Ruuthsbo, has been using and evaluating GrainSense over the past months and has so far been satisfied with its new investment.

“I like technology and quality. This is why I snapped to attention when I read about GrainSense and thought we had something going there. And so I popped directly at their exhibition stand at the Borgeby Field Days”, says Gustav Hagemann, owner of Ruuthsbo Estate. Ruuthsbo cultivates wheat, malting barley, oats, rape seed, forage grass and sugar beets. A lot of it is sold as quality products in the form of vodka wheat, whiskey malt and gluten-free muesli oats. A sample is taken every time a load is dumped, which makes it possible to determine an average for the entire batch.

“Whoever has the best product sells, and so far it has been the grain traders who have had all the cards, while we have ended up being left with the Old Maid. We can now take a sample from each load that arrives at the facility and then pick up the phone and tell the cereal traders what we can offer them. We have transferred the power from buyers to growers,” continues Hagemann.

Just like other users, Hagemann has tested what GrainSense is capable of by comparing it with stationary analysers. “We were extremely surprised how well things checked out”, he says and asserts that GrainSense is a professional machine at a relatively affordable price. He hopes that the device will be able to measure more variables in the future, thereby giving growers an even greater insight into what they can offer to traders. Hagemann also suggests a number of technical improvements such as desktop charging and the ability to save measurements independently of a telephone.

“GrainSense gives farmers the opportunity to know themselves what they are dealing with. To be able to vouch for your product, you need a reliable measuring instrument, and this is what GrainSense stands for”, concludes Hagemann.


The Estate cultivates wheat, malting barley, oats, rape seed, forage grass and sugar beets. The total area is around 900 ha, of which 800 ha of arable land. The farm has 7 employees.


GrainSense has developed the world’s first hand-held device for measuring grain quality. For the first time farmers, seed producers and plant growers will be able to quickly and immediately measure key parameters of their crops out in the field and take decisions that can raise profitability. We bring an important improvement to the food supply chain. Our hand-held device measures the protein, humidity, oil and carbohydrate content of cereal products and other crops. The service uses GPS positioning and offers Cloud-based big data services.

Original article published in 22. November 2018 (Swedish).