GrainSense Handheld Analyzer (Version A-2)

GrainSense Handheld Analyzer (Version A-2)

GrainSense Team has launched the upgraded version of the Handheld Analyzer which is now available for orders. We are extremely committed to continuous improvement of our products to ensure easier decision making and more effective management for your business. In this article we are bringing the most important hardware and software features that have been updated compared to the previous versions of the Analyzer.

In order to learn what has been changed (besides the color), please check out the following points:

Glassless tray for bigger kernels (e.g. maize & soybean). With the latest version of the Analyzer there will be no need to grind the samples anymore! Glassless tray is a separate accessory.

Further refined math and spectra resulting in still superior product performance

Over The Air Firmware Updates which imply the possibility of updating new features to the device remotely

Rechargeable batteries enable more intensifying use of the Analyzer

Non-Latin characters supported allowing us to reach out to more end-users in local languages

Guiding icons that are shown on the Analyzer display make it easier for users to understand the potential issue

Bluetooth has been updated to version 5 which means that the connectivity has been improved

Upcoming Software Updates

Multi-Analyzer Account

Mobile GPS reset to original

Group Measurement

Picture attachment

Product Sheet

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