New Breakthrough in Analyzing Content of Sunflower Seeds

New Breakthrough in Analyzing Content of Sunflower Seeds

GrainSense’s unique solution to grain analysis, the portable A2 Handheld Analyzer, enables reliable tracking of grain quality instantly, anywhere. Over the past few years, GrainSense has become a synonym for testing the quality of different grain species on the spot. GrainSense is now expanding the range of supported species, which can be tested with their handheld A2 Analyzer. GrainSense has finally released the much awaited possibility for the sunflower market - a calibration for sunflower seeds.

Currently there are no similar solutions in the market, so we can speak of a groundbreaking development – there are high expectations for a solution like this. Earlier there have been limitations to using NIR based technology for measuring the sunflower seeds, but now GrainSense has solved this predicament after several years of R&D and lab work.

In order to analyze sunflower seed content, the GrainSense A2 Handheld Analyzer requires a very small sample, less than 4 grams of dehulled sunflower seeds. Taking the measurement is quite simple, and the results are immediate. Available parameters are: oil, moisture, protein and carbohydrates.

The new calibration is available for users of the A2 Analyzer, which was introduced to the market in 2022. Users with an active license can download the calibration through the GrainSense Cloud service and upload it to the Analyzer.

The Growing Sunflower Market
Sunflower seeds content is of great importance. Sunflower seeds have the highest oil content of all oilseed crops, with approximately 55% of oil content. On average, the protein content of sunflower seeds is about 21%. Moisture levels are critical especially concerning harvest timing and storage requirements.

According to a market study by Mordor Intelligence, the sunflower market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.7% over the next 5 years. Europe is biggest in sunflower seed and oil consumption, with Asia-Pacific coming second with the largest increase in demand, as healthier options are sought after, also at the governmental level with projects and incentives. 

About GrainSense
GrainSense Ltd. was established in 2014, as a spin-off of a research project at VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. It became evident that the revolutionary Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology could be used to answer a dire need to track grain quality efficiently and reliably. GrainSense solutions track the most important grain quality indicators farmers, seed producers and plant breeders need to make timely decisions about crops and resources.

How to take a measurement of sunflower seeds correctly with the GrainSense A2 Handheld Analyzer
1. Prepare the sample by dehulling whole sunflower kernels. Make sure there are no hull residues in the sample.
2. Take a sample of 1 – 4 grams, which corresponds to a spoon from GrainSense’s measurement cup set.
3. Spread the kernels evenly onto the regular sample tray.
4. Take the measurement.
5. You get the results immediately, and they are also saved in the GrainSense Cloud Service.
Results obtained:
Oil, moisture, protein and carbohydrates.
Estimation of content for undehulled seeds is also available in the GrainSense app.

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