Optimise the nutrition when feeding grains to animals

Optimise the nutrition when feeding grains to animals

Cereals and other grains are commonly used in feeding farmed animals, especially pigs and poultry. Grains are a good source of energy. The protein content in grains is usually between 8-15%. However, the amino acid composition isn’t ideal for animals so they need a protein or an amino acid supplement even if the protein content of the grains is high. When optimising the nutrition of farmed animals it is important to know the nutritive value of every feed component.


 Every crop is fit for purpose, at the right price, using the right resources

The first thing to check, when feeding farmed animals, is that the grain feed should be of good quality: good color, no molds or unwanted odours. In an optimal situation, the grains have already been divided into silos based on their protein content. Every time, when opening a new grain container it is a good practice to measure the quality of the grains.

With the GrainSense Analyzer, you can check the quality anytime. In animal production, there are many ways to benefit from the GrainSense Analyzer . The grain farmer can make a difference between different quality grains and sell the feed quality to the animal farmer. The animal farmer can optimise the feeding whether he bought the grains or grew them. Also when buying grains the animal farmer can check that the quality matches the price.

"With GrainSense I can have more peace of mind"

Chicken feed usually consists of cereal grains combined with protein, mineral and vitamin additives. With broiler chickens, the growth phases are very strict, so it is very important to balance out all feed components. Modern hybrid poultry breeds need a high-quality diet if they are to produce to their genetic potential. When you’re opening a new silo it is very important to adjust the feeding according to the protein content of the grains. Precise feeding allows the chickens to grow or lay eggs well. When the amount of protein and other additives is just right, you save money and the environment.

As one of our satisfied customers summarised the benefits of GrainSense:
“In agriculture, there is always a feeling of uncertainty. With GrainSense I can have more peace of mind because I always know the protein content of the grains that I’m giving to my broilers”.