Planning for the next season

Planning for the next season

After the harvest season it is time to sit back and start to plan for the next year. Relevant questions for the farmer might be: What to grow next year? Does the fertilisation need adjustments? Do I need to buy or sell crops before next growing season?


Know your grain, grow your business

With the data you have gathered from the fields with the help of GrainSense you can make decisions based on knowledge. If you know the protein content of the harvested crops you can decide if you need to adjust the nitrogen levels in the soil. With precise use of fertilisers you get maximum yield and quality with minimum outputs.

From the GrainSense Dashboard you see the measurements on a map. Even if you have made hundreds of measurements you can check the quality status of your fields in a user-friendly way from the GrainSense cloud service with your computer. You can immediately see if there are differences in the quality between different areas and fields. You can also export the data with ease to be used in another management software. The measurement data stays secured in the cloud database for you to use with your computer or smartphone where and when ever you have the need to.

The right decisions at the right time

When you’re buying or selling smaller batches between farmers you can measure the grain quality to set the price right. The portable GrainSense device travels with you whether you go buy from another farmer or a farmer's marketplace. You can always control that you buy the quality you need. With GrainSense you can make better farming plans for the future.