Supporting European soy production

Supporting European soy production

At GrainSense, we believe in sustainable agriculture and local production. Plant proteins are a vital component in animal feeds. European production of protein-heavy crops doesn’t cover the demand.

The European livestock industry is almost entirely dependent on imports of soya for plant protein. Most of soybean crops grown outside the EU are genetically modified. European demand for non-GM food and feed is high so there is a growing need to stimulate local production.

GrainSense member of the Donau Soja Association

GrainSense is an active member of the Donau Soja Association. The Donau Soja Association is an international, non-profit organisation based in Vienna. The goal is to promote the development of sustainable European protein supply. The organisation supports soya bean cultivation in Europe.

Most of the European soy production is in the Eastern parts of Europe, especially in the Danube region. The sustainable production of non-GM soya is supported through Donau Soja (Danube region) and Europe Soya (rest of Europe) brands, providing regional supplies of plant protein.

Improving European food and feed protein value chains.

Donau Soja organisation supports its partners and members in progressing change to address social, environmental and economic challenges in soy production and consumption. This will increase efficiency, fairness and sustainability in European food and feed protein value chains.

Prominent European institutes and organisations support this ambitious initiative. The 280 members include food retailers, large agricultural traders, the animal feed industry, oil mills and numerous processors, as well as environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and WWF.

Sustainable and safe plant protein supply

The Donau Soja farmers are allowed to farm only on land that has been used in agriculture before 2008 to make sure that forests aren’t cut down for agriculture. The association monitors that labour laws and standards are respected also. In the future Eastern Europe could provide Europe with sustainable soy that is traceable back to the farmer. The vision is to provide a European, sustainable and safe plant protein supply.