GrainSense Handheld Analyzer

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Package contains: GrainSense handheld Analyzer, measuring spoon, cleaning cloth, quick guide, 6 AA size batteries, carrying bag.

The GrainSense Analyzer is a battery-powered, handheld grain analyzer with advanced NIR (Near Infrared) technology. You get reliable protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate contents in seconds from just a few kernels.

With GrainSense, you know your grain. You can track your grain quality instantly, anywhere. You receive reliable data quickly, and you can store results in the cloud along with their GPS location – so you can make the right decisions to control your outputs.  

GrainSense helps you make critical decisions and arms you with the knowledge and confidence to act fast

• Harvest times and order
• Storage method and harvest segregation
• Selling time and pricing
• Animal feed or food production

GrainSense User Account License required.

Please note: In order to test maize and soybean it is necessary to order a Glassless Tray which is a separate accessory. Read more:

GrainSense - Sense Your Grain

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