Take control of your outputs

Take control of your outputs

The right decisions at the right time

During the harvesting period, there are many aspects to consider on the farm before getting started. GrainSense helps the farmer to make decisions based on knowledge and data. For example, the protein content of wheat can change with the stages of maturity. It is also known that the topography and accumulation of nutrients in the soil vary within a field, causing variation in the protein content.

With GrainSense, the farmer knows the properties of their crops in different sections of the field so they can choose when and where to start harvesting. This enables the early planning of harvest based on the crop quality and the moisture levels.

Better for your business, better for the environment

The crops can be divided into silos in real time based on their protein content. This provides the grain farmer the possibility to sell the crops at a grain marketplace based on their quality and to negotiate better prices from batches of premium grain. Farmers can sell by quality instead of quantity.

For a livestock farmer, knowing the protein content of their grains gives the opportunity to make more accurate feeding plans to maximise the profit and minimise the environmental impact.

Track grain quality instantly, anywhere.

When using GrainSense, there is no need to mail big samples and wait for days or even weeks for the results. The battery-powered, handheld GrainSense Analyzer measures the moisture, protein, carbohydrates and oil in just under 30 seconds. The needed sample size is only 3 grams so the farmer can make as many measurements as needed with minimum work. Results are saved in the GrainSense App and can be uploaded to GrainSense Dashboard database immediately when an internet connection is available.

When measuring the samples on the fields, the GPS coordinates of the samples are stored as well. After sampling, the farmer can see the properties of all of the sampled crops on their fields in just one look at the GrainSense dashboard.

Take control of your output

When you know your grain quality, you can make the right decisions at the right time. Decide the harvest order, when to store, when to select for feed and when to trade – all at the optimal price.



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