Ensuring confident grain classification in the milling and feed industry

Ensuring confident grain classification in the milling and feed industry

The Inovital Group started in 1966 with the brand “MARAMUROĞLU”, serving in the fields of flour and feed; With its experience of more than 20 years, it has created the brands “İnovital” and “İnofit” by blending the essence of grain with innovation.

Grains, which have been essential nutrients for centuries; They are indispensable products as feed for animals and as flour for humans. We are working to add value to this value.

Inovital Group is a success story. Behind every success is a strong research and development work. We have been using high quality and wide variety of seeds for years; we plant in different regions of our country, in different climatic conditions and with different soil types. We planting together at the right time, instead of leaving the job to chance, we continue our multi-faceted examinations periodically until the harvest period. We separate our wheat collected with a fertile harvest period into Inovital Flour and Inovit Flour group. Throughout the year, we grind the best quality wheat of our country in our traditional stone mills under the most natural conditions and deliver them to your kitchens as flour and bread.

Our group, which continues its activities in the feed sector, has many different and innovative product ranges. Inovital Yem's understanding of service best describes the slogan "every living thing is special". Because its motto includes all life. İnovital Yem has determined all its business principles based on this under-standing.

In the past, only the moisture value was sufficient for the purchase and storage of wheat. Due to climate change and rising prices, it has become a priority to look at other parameters. The fact that the GrainSense Analyzer analyzes the Protein, Gluten and moisture ratios at the same time, has enabled us to recognize our grain and therefore buy the Analyzer.


How did you find out about GrainSense?

We have been in contact with the ABP company since it was opened and we follow all its innovations. We also heard about the GrainSense Analyzer from ABP innovations. We got detailed information from the fairs and the presentations of ABP engineers. As we saw the usage of different companies, our cofidence in the device increased.

Why there was a need for such Analyzer?

Before purchasing the GrainSense Analyzer, we were only storing and pricing wheat based on moisture values. Due to the increase in climatic conditions and prices, we needed to look at Protein and Gluten values. Then we found the GrainSense Analyzer.

How did it help your business to improve?

Wheat season is an intense and challenging process as in other grains. The fact that the GrainSense device gives accurate and fast results has made our job much easier. We store the purchased wheat according to protein and moisture ratios.

Thanks to this, both our pricing is correct and we buy by recognizing our grain. In addition, being a portable and small device has been a very good innovation for our direct wheat purchase from the field.

How GrainSense improved your everyday activities?

The fact that GrainSense is a light and portable device, and its fast analysis results have facilitated the process in our daily work. Our data sharing has been accelerated due to the usage feature via mobile application.

It is very important to store and classify wheat. Improper storage increases product waste. Incorrect classification causes use confusion during production and consequently quality product production. Different flours are used for special products (biscuits, pizza, bread, etc.). 

GrainSense – Know your grain, grow your business

ABP, 2021