Grain Quality and Data Systems Raised Interest at the Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair

Grain Quality and Data Systems Raised Interest at the Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair

GrainSense attended the Agricultural machinery trade fair in Helsinki, Finland, last month, as we were invited to showcase our solutions at our partner Viljelijän Avena Berner’s booth. It was a pleasure to meet new people as well as many of our customers, connections and colleagues face to face at this popular event after so many years of only online meetings and phone calls.  

In addition to meeting people, customer feedback is a valuable part in attending a trade fair. We had many discussions with our customers using the GS Handheld Analyzer where they told us that the device brings them benefits in e.g. improving animal feeding efficiency. Several new projects were discussed in new application areas, and the feeding of production animals is certainly one where we are becoming more involved in the future, improving the overall grain quality.

During the event, GrainSense was also awarded an honorable mention in the New Product 2022 category for the GS Flow solution. Naturally, this new solution raised a lot of questions where and how to use it, and how to get the best value out of it. In addition to our earlier clientele, a wider range of grain value chain participants were interested in this opportunity to measure the grain quality in their flow environment. For example, the solution could be found as a great new solution and addition to their current offering by producers of silos, dryers and combines, and in logistics functions.

Data platforms and systems were one of the key topics at the fair. Finland is known to have advanced data systems for agriculture, and hence, conversation dealt with questions such as how to get the collected data utilized and how to get it all connected in different platforms. Agriculture sector could be even more sustainable with proper usage of data, to use the fields in a more efficient way, and get the best results with minimum inputs. These discussions are really motivating and inspiring, and we are glad that we are able to make our contribution in this matter.  

As we are bringing the measurements closer to farmers and the value chain of grain handling, the agribusiness industry is stepping out of the era of only laboratory measurements. We were happy to meet also many specialists working on the improvement of the grain and food value chain. They were really interested in getting more familiarized with our solutions, how these could add value to their work.  

All in all, it was really touching and valuable to meet all different actors from the agriculture sector, have face to face meetings with our customers and partners, and find new viewpoints for future development. We hope you all enjoyed the event and had meaningful encounters at the fair!