GrainSense and Improvin’ Announce Partnership

GrainSense and Improvin’ Announce Partnership

Improvin’ has created a platform which enables different actors - food brands, processors and growers in order to support their actions towards environmentally-positive and profitable future.

Improvin’ accelerates the food industry’s transition towards more sustainable food production. With Improvin’s AI-powered platform, food businesses can measure and report their supply chain specific Scope 3 emissions and verify their climate footprint, at scale. In addition, businesses can incentivize emission reductions in their own value chain using a verified process and ongoing monitoring of primary data.

GrainSense Provides Important Data for the Platform

“The quality of the grains plays an important role when quantifying the emissions of a crop yield or an end product. Through this partnership, we can gather and process crop and grain quality data which will ease the use of our platform and increase the precision and insights of our emission calculations. Our data will in turn provide increased value for GrainSense’s users. It’s a win-win”, says Joel Glemne, the co-founder and CPO of Improvin’.

CEO of GrainSense, Riku Niemela, is very satisfied with the partnership:

“The partnership with Improvin’ gives us the opportunity to explore new use cases for our data when combined with other types of sources, such as the satellite and emission quantification data in Improvin’s system. The potential of these new data-driven insights is extremely exciting for our current users, especially when considering sustainability”, states Riku.

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