GrainSense Flow Analyzers: Release of New Product Names

GrainSense Flow Analyzers: Release of New Product Names

The GrainSense product portfolio has been updated to include a variety of products covering whole value chain of grain and seed production, processing and commercializing.   By productizing the different GrainSense Flow variants into its own products, it’s easier to see, how comprehensive GrainSense offering really is.

To help you understand the reasons and importance behind the new product names, we look to our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) - Mr. Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, who has recently joined GrainSense management team to lead GrainSense’s global sales team and partner network.

GS flow product family offers the only products in the world in this category, capable to make such an accurate determination of protein from flowing grain! In addition to protein, GS Flow product family solutions are also analyzing moisture, carbohydrate and oil levels. Global markets solving customer's challenges around this application are notable.” says Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, CCO at GrainSense.

“To clarify GrainSense’s offering in flowing grain analysis solutions, we have divided the GS Flow product family into 

  • GS Lab
  • GS Silo
  • GS Combine.

These analyzers utilize GrainSense's patented GS Flow technology. By building an entire product family around the GS Flow sensor, we have streamlined our offering,  and made purchasing process for the customer simply and fast as possible.” Mäki-Marttunen underlines.

GS Lab provides a faster and easier way to analyze grain in a laboratory environment. GS Lab offers significant added value to customers compared to conventional laboratory equipment. In terms of price, the GS Lab product is more affordable compared to existing solutions in this market. This new, more convenient way of measuring grain in a laboratory environment has already now created high interest among the customers.

GS Silo offers a new type of solution to analyze grain in silo and storage environments. It brings laboratory accuracy analysis to location where grain is processed! The measurement does not have to be based on sample batches taken, but the measurement can be continuous, in example while filling or emptying the silo. GS Silo measures the amount of protein accurately, while it also analyses the amount of moisture, carbohydrates and oil in the grain.

GS Combine is a solution from the GS Flow product family, designed for combine harvester installations. Since the solution is based on continuous measurement of flowing grain, it provides more accurate data based on the location of the measurement. GS Combine is a solution that offers the widest grain analyzing library on the market, allowing the most comprehensive selection of different grain types to be analyzed already during grain harvesting.

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