GrainSense in Canada: high profits and quick ROI with the GrainSense Analyzer

GrainSense in Canada: high profits and quick ROI with the GrainSense Analyzer

GrainSense’s Canadian distributor Prairie Grain Analyzers was first established in 2016. They manufacture and sell their own line of moisture testers. In early 2020 they expanded their product line by introducing the GrainSense Analyzer to the Canadian market.   

Since the introduction, the GrainSense Analyzer has gained a lot of interest and positive feedback from local farmers. The team at Prairie Grain Analyzers attends many farm shows, where they showcase their products. The GrainSense Analyzer was instantly a big hit, as farmers could see the benefits of such a handheld device in their everyday work. Now the farmers can take their GrainSense Analyzer with them to the field and make decisions based on real-time data of their crop to help them with storage and marketing decisions during harvest.  

“Farmers have been looking for a solution like this, although it is a relatively new idea to have a protein analyzer on the farm, more and more farmers are starting to purchase these products and see the benefits of them. It is something that there is definitely a high-level of interest for and it is going to continue to grow through the coming years,” states Nicholas Matichuk from Prairie Grain Analyzers. 

Higher profit margins for those that analyze 

Separating harvest batches based on their actual protein content data helps the farmers to get larger pay margins on their grain. On the other hand, the detailed and reliable information on their crop has helped the farmers to cut the middleman and negotiate better prices directly with their end customer, e.g. flour mill or feed mill, all while saving time with time to market from the field to end customer.  

Their customers have reported remarkable savings and great profits when using the GrainSense Analyzer. The return on investment has been almost instantaneous with the higher price they get from their yield.   

“We’ve had some customers telling they’ve made up to $22,000 in one year using this analyzer, and based on the price of the analyzer, they get a return on investment almost immediately after purchasing it,” Mr. Matichuk explains.

New features and favorable outlook 

Also the future outlook is favorable for the GrainSense Analyzer. Interest towards the oil content of the crop is increasing, and that’s where the GrainSense analyzer can again help farmers with accurate and real time data on the quality of their crop. In addition, as biofuel from canola is gaining interest, the GrainSense Analyzer is an interesting product in following up the oil content on the field as well as in the process.  

“I think the new version, A-2 Analyzer is going to be very popular with the farmers as it will be even more user friendly, and it has the ability to analyze whole corn and soybean, which saves lots of time in comparison to needing to grind the crop into flour,” tells Mr. Matichuk. 

Also the new GrainSense Flow Analyzer has great potential at the Canadian market. “I think the GS Flow Analyzer will have lots of interest in Canada, particularly in grain elevators. As the farmer drops off their grain, the elevator can get protein, moisture and other helpful information. It will also be a great option for farmers to add the analyzer right onto the combine. With the ability to see the protein in real-time while harvesting and view it on a map I think is something they are really going to love,” Mr. Matichuk concluded.

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