GrainSense in Turkey – Use Cases From Farm to Research

GrainSense in Turkey – Use Cases From Farm to Research

ABP finds the best solution to each of their customers 

GrainSense’s distributor in the Turkish market, ABP, is a well-known technology solution provider in grain, flour, food and feed industries, exclusively representing many world-leading brands. This 1985 based family business was the first company to introduce quality control laboratory instruments and methods in Turkey to their customer sectors. Their clientele represents all of the supply chain, from field to fork. 

They learned about GrainSense in 2017 at Agritechnica fair in Germany. After becoming very interested in this new solution, they worked together with GrainSense to collect hundreds of samples of wheat and barley to establish local calibration data for the GS Analyzer. ABP has been GrainSense’s distributor since 2019.  

It's a real innovation to be able to measure accurately protein and
moisture content with such a small device.
Can Kantar, ABP 

“In addition to accurate protein and moisture analysis, GrainSense’s competitive advantage at the Turkish market is its small size and economical price. It's a real innovation to be able to measure accurately protein and moisture content with such a small device,” states Mr. Can Kantar, ABP’s Business Development Manager. 

Before the introduction of the GrainSense Handheld Analyzer in Turkey, customers only had the option of purchasing a three-times more expensive and bulkier device for the same kind of analysis. Mr. Kantar tells about a case from their first year of cooperation, where the GrainSense solution was truly welcome: 

“An agricultural cooperative wanted to buy protein analyzers. At that time there was only that three times more expensive device available, and they had budgeted to purchase three devices in total. Then I introduced them GrainSense and they decided to buy three times more, so they went from 3 to 9 devices. For the same budget, they managed to give GS Handheld Analyzers to all their grain experts. If not, there would have been six of them without instruments for that year.” 

Case stories showcase the versatile use of GrainSense solutions

The wide range of ABP’s customer portfolio is also apparent in the case stories they’ve created from some of their customers using the GrainSense Analyzers.  

The Ballıpınar Farm has a hybrid cattle operation with 1200 heads. They both supply barley and buy different grains for feeding their livestock. They have a total of 6 GS Handheld Analyzers that they use at different stages of their daily operations.  

"GrainSense is the only device that is fast and easy to use in the field. It saves time and money, makes quick and accurate decisions on the purchase of raw materials and we have confidence that we are not mistaken in storage and pricing." 

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Toros Tarım
is the largest fertilizer producer of Turkey in terms of total installed production capacity and market share. They use the GrainSense Handheld Analyzer to see the quality results in their trial productions both in the field and at the desk. 

“It had a positive effect on our decision making. It contributed to our knowledge of the post-analysis quality measurements of our trials and to our correct interpretation. The device is very fast and easy to use.” 

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The Bursa Uludağ University
aims to bring up contemporary students who identify themselves with the cultural and historical values of the country by being respectable to the national values.

"We chose GrainSense considering that it would be very useful to see instant results in research on whether the applications made in our project on variable rate fertilization and irrigation have an effect on product quality." 

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