GrainSense Receives Favourable Reviews from Grain Inspection Specialists

GrainSense Receives Favourable Reviews from Grain Inspection Specialists
This past summer, we had the privilege of testing GrainSense products in collaboration with SGS offices located in Romania, Latvia, and Lithuania. The objective was to evaluate the accuracy and functionality of our handheld analyzers within the context of the grain industry and collect impressions from our colleagues. After several weeks of testing, the feedback we received from SGS specialists was very positive, reaffirming our commitment to delivering top-quality solutions for grain quality assessment.

The GrainSense handheld analyzer piqued the interest of our colleagues. Its user-friendliness and adaptability to local grain varieties garnered praise from the professionals.

Claudiu Iancu, Manager in Romanian office and one of our enthusiastic testers Marinela Serban, coordinator from Constanza lab, shared,
"GrainSense handheld analyzer is handy and can support different daily operations in the grain chain. We tested the level of accuracy and find it very good for such a small device. We were surprised by the quality of the tool which is very user-friendly. Calibrations can be adjusted without efforts. Such a device gives an opportunity to extend mobile capabilities of performing quick analyses both for grains and for oil seeds
We were also pleased with feedback from Lithuanian office. As Division Manager Dmitry Yugay expressed,
"I was genuinely impressed by the GrainSense analyzer. Its portability and ergonomic design make it incredibly user-friendly, with easy maintenance and handling. The interface is intuitive, and calibration is a simple process; no special training required – just reading the user manual was sufficient. The inclusion of the Bluetooth protocol is a significant advantage, especially for fieldwork, where a wireless device proves highly convenient. Moreover, the cloud services ensure the integrity of collected data. The analyzer's precision is commendable, especially for an NIR analyzer; it's remarkably accurate. I also want to highlight their proactive customer care policy – they provide outstanding support to their customers."

Furthermore, our colleagues in Riga had the opportunity to explore our new benchtop analyzer. Coordinator Alexey Gorbachev said,
"This new tool looks promising. Very simple to use and can be adjusted to different environments, especially operations that require high pace of work and high amounts of samples to be tested within a narrow time frame. The idea to implement the AI learning for the tester in the future also looks promising – being able to run the usually physical grain tests that require hand assessment through the tester instead will potentially save up to 80% of time that is used for grain assessment."
This positive feedback further underscored the adaptability and versatility of GrainSense's latest innovation.
The GrainSense team extends its heartfelt thanks to our colleagues at SGS for their keen interest, their dedication to the testing process, and their valuable professional insights. Their feedback reinforces our commitment to providing grain chain players with reliable, accurate, and user-friendly solutions for grain quality assessment.

As we move forward, we remain committed to improving our products and services, guided by the feedback and experiences of experts like Claudiu, Marinela, Dmitry, and Alexey. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with industry professionals and pushing the boundaries of grain quality analysis for sustainable future of the food chain.