Act on every opportunity

Act on every opportunity

Members of the agriculture value chain need to make a lot of complicated decisions, and often without proper information. For example, farmers may have many years of experience with inherited best practices, a solid network of neighbouring farmers to test their latest ideas with, and have developed instinct for necessary actions, but this is often not enough on which to base decision making that will instantly affect the outcome of their operations.


Precision farming data in your hand

Farmers, whether arable or livestock, live in a complicated and ever-tightening society. They need to move from more traditional labor farming towards precision farming. Data-driven technology has made its impact in the traditional farming industry. A common denominator for data-driven solutions is the ability to get a better insight into operations and to make better decisions based on accurate information. The battery-operated, handheld GrainSense Analyzer enables precision farming with data on the spot.


The right decisions at the right time

Where should I sell my crop? For feed or to the mill? Am I getting the right price? Am I paying the right price for the grains I am buying? How much protein am I feeding to my animals? These are typical, everyday questions that grain growers, livestock farmers, silo/dryer operators, traders, and players in the food industry ask themselves. GrainSense helps to make critical decisions with the knowledge and confidence to act fast.

  • Harvest times and order
  • Storage method and harvest segregation
  • Selling time and pricing
  • Animal feed or food production
  • Ability to seize every opportunity to optimize your yield.


Act on every opportunity

The GrainSense solution provides real-time data for smart agribusiness. Data-focused members of the agriculture value chain get reliable data on the spot and can automatically store results in the cloud with GPS locations. They can monitor crops and locations in the GrainSense Dashboard or GrainSense App with easy-to-use maps and markers. Know your grain, grow your business!