Mapping Regions According to Grain Quality

Mapping Regions According to Grain Quality

Tarım Kredi Birlik A.Ş., as an affiliate of Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, was established in Mersin in 2010 with the aim of marketing the products of our farmer partners and other affiliates.

Tarım Kredi Birlik A.Ş. In 2016, it incorporated Etimesgut Pulses

Plant, Tekirdağ Uzunköprü Raw Oil Plant, Kırklareli Sunflower Oil Refinery and Balıkesir - Gömeç / Balıkesir Olive, Olive Oil Enterprise, which are also among the companies of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, and continue to increase its product evaluation, production and marketing activities.

Our company, which is a member of the Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives family, aims to protect the products of our partners and farmers against adverse market conditions, rather than profitability, purchase at reasonable market prices and evaluate them by processing.

By processing the natural products we buy from our farmers at international standards in our factories, we offer our people the opportunity to consume economical, high quality and natural food.

Our products processed in our facilities; We deliver it to our people through our cooperatives, cafeterias of public institutions and organizations, food aid boxes of social assistance organizations, prisons dining halls, wholesalers, catering companies and markets.

Our company, which is expanding its customer portfolio every day, is taking steps resolutely to become a world brand in the food sector by contributing to the country's economy with its export targets.

How did you find out about GrainSense?

We first saw the GrainSense analyzer being used in the field by different companies. Afterwards, we get detailed information thanks to the demo work of ABP engineers and ABP brochures, company website.

Why there was a need for such an Analyzer?

Before harvesting, we need to map the grains of our regions. Based on the map of previous year, we easily calculate the yield and estimated grain harvest amount for the next year. We decide which region will be created more efficiently according to the map. We decide in which region we need to do extra work according to the map of grain. Therefore, we needed a portable protein analyzer.

"The fact that our experts can instantly transmit information to us via the phone application, the device is
very small and gives accurate and fast results have enabled us to make a purchasing decision."

How did it help your business improve?

It is very important to calculate yield according to years and regions in cereals. Low yield on the sites can be from the farmer or from the soil. From now on, the region is clustering by looking at the protein, gluten, moisture and oil contents of many seeds such as wheat, barley, corn and canola. According to this map, grain planting changes can be made next year. The fact that the GrainSense is a portable device that you can connect via Bluetooth with the mobile phone app, its ease of use in the field or similar applications and its ability to perform fast analysis have been preferred.

How GrainSense improved your everyday activities?

How did it make business decisions easier?

The fact that GrainSense is a light and portable device, and its fast analysis results have facilitated the process in our daily work. Our data sharing has been accelerated due to the usage feature via mobile application. We can go to all fields of every farmer and make measurements. We can make instant decisions for each field and inform our farmers immediately. Thanks to the phone application, we can instantly share information about the nutrient content via WhatsApp.

ABP, 2021