New GrainSense distributor Farmers First presents an innovative approach to owning agricultural machinery in Sweden

New GrainSense distributor Farmers First presents an innovative approach to owning agricultural machinery in Sweden

GrainSense’s new distributor in Sweden, Farmers First AB, creates a new way of acquiring and owning agricultural machinery. This digital pioneer is the perfect partner to represent the GrainSense solutions. 

Farmers First is a 2020 established company based in Sweden that is creating digital solutions for fair and sustainable agriculture. They’ve developed a platform where farmers can find all the information they need to complete a machine purchase. After choosing which machinery to acquire, their customers can configure their own machine, choose a financing agreement, choose a workshop that performs the machine's service and get a quote, all in one place. In short, they are digitalizing the value chain of owning machinery in one digital platform. GrainSense is pleased to be a part of their comprehensive portfolio. 

One of the founders of Farmers First, Mr. Roger Wahlberg has an extensive experience from agricultural machinery industry and knows the Swedish agricultural market in depth. 

“We see a huge potential for GrainSense in the Swedish agriculture. There are various customer groups that could benefit from the GrainSense solutions, but we have decided to first concentrate on animal feeding. For farms that mix their feeds by themselves, we see there is a massive saving opportunity. Making informed decisions based on real-time data instead of just “gut feeling” will help farmers to enhance their production and avoid problems due to changes in animal feeds”, Mr. Wahlberg explains.   

Another interesting customer group that Mr. Wahlberg brings up are consultants. “There are around 800 agricultural consultants in Sweden that help farmers in various areas. Many of them would benefit from having their own GrainSense analyzer and then helping the farmer to understand what can be done”, he describes. 

According to the Farmers First team, Swedish farmers are very well educated and understand the value of data. Farmers are actively seeking for ways to improve their business yield after yield. Mr. Wahlberg points out that farmers typically have 40 yields during their career – that’s 40 chances getting it right. Having the right data on their fingertips would be an enormous benefit in determining e.g. use of fertilizers and additives, and help them understand their fields in more detail. 

On the other hand, potential for the GrainSense Flow Analyzer exists with the large installed base of combines, silos and other storage solutions across Sweden. As digitalization is taking over industry after industry, also the agriculture sector is changing towards more data driven business. Solutions such as the ones GrainSense is providing, help farmers establish their own data, which, combined with industry average, and accumulated over the years, enables informed decisions and hence more efficient production.

 Farmers First has worked with GrainSense for about two months now and have found the cooperation to be smooth and fruitful.

“GrainSense team is professional, knowledgeable and structured. It’s very easy to convey with them”, Mr. Wahlberg states. 

Olga Smirnova, Chief Business Development Officer from GrainSense, sees great synergy in working with their new partner:

“Farmers First develops a very farmer friendly business model. We are very inspired by their approach and see a very good mutual potential in this cooperation. Here in Nordic countries, we take food chain sustainability seriously, we share the same values. We are eager to bring new innovative trends to the industry, and Farmers First is a partner of a great synergy for GrainSense.”