Rapid measuring for more control of the harvest

Rapid measuring for  more control of the harvest

GrainSense - the world's first hand-held instrument for measuring grain - has been given a thumbs up from Nils Bosson, a grower from the Nyborg Estate. After a six-month test of the GrainSense Analyzer mainly measuring moisture and protein contents, Nils Bosson shared his experiences with us.

The Nyborg Estate, located in the Uppland region of Sweden, cultivates winter wheat, malting barley and oilseeds. Stretching across an area of 750 hectares of fields and 450 hectares of forest, the Nyborg Estate engages in cereal cultivation, forestry and rapeseed oil pressing. In 2011, the Nyborg Estate had a drying capacity of 27 tons and a storage capacity of over 6,000 m3.

Know your grain, grow your business

"Instead of waiting for several days for an analysis message, I now receive an answer immediately and I expect that it will give me advantages in sales. I can take the instrument with me before harvest and check the water content and protein content ", said Nils Bosson, Nyborg Estate.

“In addition to water content and protein content, the instrument measures carbohydrate and oil content in cereals and other crops. Grainsense is much more than an instrument. The big difference is achieved with the subscription service for GPS positioning and cloud-based big data services. All measured values are stored and structured and become immediately available to the user. But also valuable in retrospect when the user wants to evaluate their grain. And the tests go really fast.”

Track grain quality instantly, anywhere

Nils continued by saying, “GrainSense is absolutely reliable. We also get more control because the answers come quickly, it does not take more than 5 seconds. Before GrainSense when we sold wheat, we had to hand-pick samples and send them to the laboratory and then wait a week before we got an answer. Now we get an answer within a few minutes, which gives us a basis for making quick decisions and a logbook that is of great benefit to our buyers."