Track grain quality instantly, anywhere

Track grain quality instantly, anywhere

Grain growers, livestock farmers, silo/ dryer operators, traders and players in the food industry have to make critical decisions about grain – but often without quick access to key information. It is crucial for their businesses and the environment that they take the right decisions at the right time.


The right decisions at the right time

In grain farming, timing is everything. You need to know when to act, when to harvest, in which order to harvest, when to store, which grains to select for feed and when to trade. Grain quality data is key to making all of those decisions. In order to know what action to take and when, you have to know the quality of the crop at that specific moment.

With GrainSense, you know your grain. You can track grain quality instantly, anywhere. You receive reliable, fast data and you can store results in the cloud with their GPS location– so you can make the right decisions to control your outputs.


How does it work?

The GrainSense Analyzer is a battery-powered, handheld grain analyzer with advanced NIR (near Infrared) technology. You get reliable protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate contents in seconds from just a few kernels by

  • running a quick three second reference measurement
  • opening the Analyzer cover
  • placing the recommended amount of kernels on the tray
  • closing the cover
  • pressing the button
  • getting the results on the display and exporting them with a simple click to the GrainSense App and the GrainSense Dashboard


Fast, reliable, simple

The GrainSense solution is based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology with a 360° light penetration method (integrating sphere). Compared to traditional diffuse reflection or diffuse transmission NIR technology used in laboratory equipment, GrainSense offers several benefits:

  • short measurement times
  • smaller sample sizes required
  • simpler and more affordable technology
  • a truly portable NIR analyzer


Track grain quality instantly, anywhere

The traditional method for measuring protein level is to take bigger samples and send them to a laboratory. Receiving results may take up to several days depending on the laboratory´s processing times and location.

GrainSense enables tracking of grain quality instantly, anywhere. GrainSense users can take the right decisions at the right time and act on every opportunity. This is better for their business and for the environment.