UK farmers are finding their premiums with the help of the GrainSense Go Analyzer

UK farmers are finding their premiums with the help of the GrainSense Go Analyzer

Calibre Control International Ltd. is a UK-based company offering testing equipment for the food and drink industries. The company has a long and established history, as they have been in the field of agricultural technology since 1988. They have been working with the GrainSense solutions the last 5 years, and especially in 2023 they have seen remarkable growth in demand for the Grainsense Go analyzer in the UK market.

“Calibre Control’s mission is to equip the global food industry with top-tier testing equipment, ensuring high-quality, nutritious products for our customers. With a dedicated team providing expert guidance, we prioritize precision, efficiency, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance in the solutions we offer. Our strategic partnership with Grainsense, spanning over 5 years, underscores our joint commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to the UK market”, Mr. Lewis Langford, Key Account Manager at Calibre, introduces the company.

Compared to previous years, they have become a stockist of the GrainSense Go analyzer, which has certainly accelerated the demand for the product.

“Now we are able to ship the product immediately to our customers, instead of a lead time of a week or two. The local farmers prefer to make their purchases with quick delivery of the product”, Mr. Langford explains.

The portable GrainSense Go analyzer provides interesting possibilities to farmers, and the UK farmers have truly woken up on this opportunity last year. They can test their yield already on the field and during harvesting, and based on the results they are able to determine in which bin they should store each batch, to keep high protein batches separate from low protein batches. This allows them to maximize their profits. Premium quality wheat, perfect for milling, has been priced at a £40-50 premium, on top of feed wheat. Thus, the impact can be remarkable – to gain the premium profit – or risk losing it in case you don’t recognize your premium product before mixing it with lower quality yield.

“The farmers, when they get the device, they can straight away determine the protein level of their yield. The GrainSense Go analyzer is really simple to use, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s a plug-and-play, basically. And with the license, you get annual calibrations and updates for a reasonable price as well”, Mr. Langford states.

Usually in the UK agriculture landscape, all farms are located fairly close to a grain merchant, where they can get their wheat analysed. Therefore, the benefits of analysing are familiar to everyone in the industry. However, the freedom to do your own measurements with a portable and affordable device is revolutionary, enabling farmers to take control of their own output and ensure getting premiums where it’s possible.

“It’s just a perfect product for the farmers, pointing them in the right direction. It has really started to spread with word-of-mouth between the farmers, and of course we showcase it at agricultural fairs and exhibitions”, Mr. Langford explains.

Farmers have shown great interest towards the GrainSense solutions and are interested in developing their processes to be more profitable. The farmers have even introduced the solution in their X (formerly known as Twitter) feed, to highlight its benefits.

“There has not been any negative feedback, and I’m sure the farmers would tell us if there were any problems with the analyzer”, Mr. Langford concludes.

The future of GS solutions in the UK market looks promising. The GrainSense Go analyzer is nicely paving the way to increase brand awareness, and next up are other GS solutions, including GS Lab and GS Flow analyzers. Calibre Control is a great partner to continue bringing these breakthrough solutions available for the agri-food sector in the UK.