The GrainSense Cloud Service – Your go-to App for Mastering data-driven Agriculture

The GrainSense Cloud Service – Your go-to App for Mastering data-driven Agriculture

GrainSense has a simple, yet effective cloud service that reinforces their offering for users of the GrainSense Analyzers. As measurements are taken with GrainSense Analyzers, all data is saved and accessible through the cloud service that can be used with both mobile and desktop applications. These figures enable the users to make reasoned decisions and overall analyzes of their agriculture business.  

All the data safely saved in the cloud 

The GrainSense cloud service lists all the measurements the user has ever made with their GS Analyzer. The measurement results have their location saved with GPS tags and time stamps, so it’s easy to make analyzes based on e.g. different segments of the field or different phases of the cultivation process. In the cloud service the results can also be observed on a map, which allows e.g. field mapping for grain quality. Each measurement can be equipped with notes and a picture to mark all important observations and remarks for later reference.  

Saving all this information in the cloud service also enables audit trail, since you can always go back to each batch, measurement, and location, to ensure high quality food production and hygiene. Data-driven agriculture empowers processes that can be monitored and verified from field to fork. 

The cloud service is also used to transmit different settings, updates, and calibrations to the GrainSense Analyzers, as well as provides information on the usage and measurement history in general for each device. GrainSense publishes updates to their devices around the year, and annual calibrations are published separately to different markets. These are made to ensure accurate measurements also in the future. 

The results can be integrated to various infosystems through the API interface. Whether you’d like to reliably share your outcomes with contract partners or customers, there’s an easy way to do that.  

Measure and compare 

The GrainSense Analyzers help you make critical decisions based on knowledge of the quality of your crop, whether it’s about the harvest time and order, need for fertilizers, storage method and harvest segregation, buying or selling time and pricing, animal feed or food production. Once you have more and more information stored in the cloud, you can also start making more advanced analyses based on your own data. For example, you can compare your outcomes with the results from the same period previous year, and see how your crop has developed this time, or forecast the best moment for harvest.  

Identifying trends in your own data creates possibilities to develop your agribusiness even further. The more measurements and locations you have in your records, the better comparison base you have for future decision making.  

GrainSense is also creating new data collections to list industry averages for different countries and regions. All information saved in the GrainSense dashboard is handled with high data protection and GDPR regulations, so no individual records can be identified through these kind of data collections. Instead, it creates our customers the possibility to also analyze and compare their own results with their peers. As the pressure to log data on your agribusiness increases at e.g. EU level, you can be the forerunner to also take advantage to know your own statistics and use it in wise decision making.  

The data available from the different GrainSense Analyzers naturally differs from one solution to the next, which gives opportunities to different kind of analysis. For example, the new GrainSense Handheld Analyzer A2 enables grouping the measurements, so that you can also observe your results at the group level. The GrainSense Flow Analyzer gathers measurement data for a larger batch during each measurement session, and therefore provides information on the average moisture and protein content of the measured batch. When the Flow Analyzer is attached to a combine harvester, the results can also be viewed in the dashboard as a heat map of the field.  

Analyze, plan and secure 

Once you have your figures, make sure to use it for even better future results. Analyze and make conclusions, and based on those, form a plan for future development. Also, all your data is securely saved in one place, so it’s easy to go back to year after year, to learn even more and be timely in your decisions each season.  

Precision farming is at your fingertips. Take the full advantage by using the tools available in both the GrainSense Analyzers and the cloud service – the full solution. 

Measurements listed in the GrainSense Cloud Service, combined with a map view of the data points